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November 03, 2007


Miss Conception

Good Luck!! We are seven years in as well (lucky 7??) and awaiting our transfer on Monday. It's a life not for the faint of heart and it most always seems as though putting that one foot in front of the other can be an immensely difficult thing to do.
Here's to good embryos and a sticky ute.


I hope you know you and D are in my thoughts as you go through this. I'm sending you my most fertile vibes (cuz, ya know, what am I gonna do with them)!


Sam is truly wise! Hang on to your something.


You are in my heart and in my prayers. If it took them three times on my cooter I would be drawing them a damned map!


I'm thinking about you and hoping for those positive results...


Ah, that's such a post. Brought tears to my eyes. Good choice for the CDLC.



I came via the creme. I cried in this post when he said he was holding on to this. That is just sweet sorrow. I loved the quote from the movie too. It is so true. Thanks again for this post.

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