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March 05, 2008



All of this makes sense to me. These things sound like the ingredients to a meaningful life. God bless.

Ann Bruce

Persistence is the key to #2.

And Venice is amazing. When you go, check out the water marks on the buildings. I saw some that were over my head--but I'm five-nothing. The entire city floods regularly.


I hope you obtain all of this in your lifetime

The Gal Herself

#5 and #12 are deeply romantic and I was touched. I hope you accomplish them all! Thanks for visiting my TT.


That's a very interesting list. I am in full agreement with you on #13, and I rather hope you'll see #7 in 2009.


Good luck with your goals. Happy TT.


I sometimes wish that I could play guitar. I'm afraid I just don't have the discipline to learn. One of my brothers has said something similar to your grandma. He said that Death can't be too bad because he's never heard anybody complain about it.

Thanks for stopping by my T13. However, I didn't forget Dar Williams as you suggested. Since I am not all that familiar with her music, she wasn't included. Maybe I'll sample some of her work now. Thanks again for visiting.


Thoughtful list. I'm too afraid to even "go there." After reading your list, I just might reconsider.


I am with you on #'s 1 and 9! Your T13's are always so interesting and thought provoking!

Dane Bramage

Here's hoping #7 isn't fulfilled next January. As for #13 I used to think "Live fast; Die young; No regrets". Now that I am within swing distance of my first half century, its more like "Live young; Die fast; and take as many with you when you go". Or maybe not. Here's hoping you see your list fulfilled at the end of a long and fruitful journey.

Oh and thanks for visiting my T13.


Why do you have to study Talmud with another person? Just curious. Thanks for stopping by.


I can understand most of your list. I'd like to learn to play the harp...
Thanks for visiting my inspiring people TT.


I'm with you on 11 out of your 13. I already know My Sweetie's birth family and can't say learning the Talmud has felt like a necessity (although given the opportunity I wouldn't turn it down). But with everything else I'm right with you.

Perhaps we can have lunch in Venice. :)

Happy TT and Happy Hunting on all of it.


Brenda ND

Super list. I hope you get to do all those things.


What wonderful goals...even dieing quickly. A slow death is not pleasant to experience (im sure) or watch. Im with you on that one. Happy TT and thanks for stopping by.


I can totally relate to many of these. Particularly, meeting my husband's birth family. He was adopted and is very ambivalent about them but, like you, I am "curious as hell".


Italy was always on my "list" as well. Thankfully I got to go a few years ago (I decided to go, by myself, right before I got married, lol). It was AMAZING - do whatever you have to do to get will never regret it.

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