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February 07, 2006



"Oh, the 'adoption thing' is going pretty well, thanks! How's that 'pregnancy thing' going with you?"

Simple, quick, lets her know how horrid it sounded.

And you will forget a lot of stupid comments, yay! The problem is, of course, that you'll get a whole new boatload of comments to roll your eyes over.


I've been known to use "thing" rather than "process" or some other word. I'm pretty sure I have not used it with you in regard to your journey toward adopting your child.

But I've actually asked a friend how the pregnancy thing was going. And it's not because I thought that the result was a thing... it's just an idiom that I sometimes use.

I've been asked "How's the Catholic thing going?"

It may not be the best way to ask about something, but at least she's showing interest in your life and in your journey to motherhood.

If you feel this strongly about it, you should talk to her about it, though.


I am so getting your baby a teeshirt that says "Adoption Thing". God. Run! Copyright it! Use it to your advantage.

Funny because my adoption sword has come out a couple of times this week and I think it needs some honing. It ebbs and flows. But I can pretty much guarantee that belly laughs make that pain dissipate pretty quickly. *poof*.

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