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February 20, 2006



How scary!!! I'm so glad he is ok!!

Kerry? Is that your daughter's name????? How pretty!


Oh my god, how scary. I am *so* glad he made his way through it, I'm so glad that the hotel guy got help, I'm so glad he didn't have to be hospitalized. Will the glucose shot be something like an epi-pen, something he (or you, or both) can carry at all times, that you can just jab into him if he needs it?

Very, very scary. Take care of yourself, take care of him.

Stephanie V

Thank God he's ok. I can't even imagine how terrifying that had to be, the stuff of nightmares.

The two of you - please take care of yourselves and I'm sending hugs for you.


I'm just so glad he's okay. My reaction would've been just the same as yours but with less self-control.
My sister's name is Ceri - Welsh spelling of Kerry - it's a lovely name and unusual nowadays. Score!


Oh honey - how awful. My youngest brother was recently diagnosed with diabetes and I'm ashamed to say I don't know much about it, except like D, he has to do injections. You handled the situation perfectly fine. Reading this, though, I feel like I can actually feel your heart thumping.

So glad he's ok, and I hope your nerves are calmer. And I hope you don't experience this again any time soon.


How terrifying! I can’t imagine how scared you must have been. I'm glad he was ok.

Mrs Figby

Oh my God. I'm so glad he's ok. This is a ridiculous comparison, but our cat is diabetic and has been having insulin reactions and weirdly, it's just like what you describe. We use the glucose paste on her. It scares the crap out of me when it happens, and I can't even imagine how much more terrifying it would be in a human -- particularly the love of your life!


You poor thing, how absolutely terrifying, you did a great job of coping. I hope D is feeling better and that you start to feel you can relax a little soon.

p.s Kerry is a lovely name!

Brooklyn Mama

Oh, how scary. Thinking of you both.


Oh, wow, that was very, very, frightening. I'm so happy that it had a happy ending!

I'm glad I read this though, as there are diabetics in my family and I would have *no* idea what to do if something like that happened.


Oh my god, I'm so glad he's okay, and you, too. I can't imagine going through that.

Sister Carrie

How frightening! I think you handled it fine, but I can certainly understand how helpless you must have felt. Thank goodness thinks turned out okay.

Love "Kerry"!


I'm diabetic and have had these reactions too, in my sleep, 4 different times. I so hated reading this because I know everything you felt is what I've put my boyfriend first, then a group of my girlfriends, then my mother, and then my husband through. It's horrible. But FWIW, these are very rarely fatal--though scary as hell and I totally understand why you felt like you did. Do you have a glucagon injection kit? I've never used it, but they're good to have around the nightstand--just remember to update it because they do expire.

One time I was able to feed myself glucose while completely unconscious. Then I climbed into my mother's bed and woke her up, talking about my car instead of about what was going on. It's amazing what the body can do when it needs to.

Also, for me, the paramedics and people who witnessed my attacks thought I was awake quite a bit earlier than I actually was fully conscious--even though I was sitting up and talking. So when I actually came to, it was very scary because I didn't know why they were all gathered around me. If, God forbid, it ever happens again, it might be good to remind D what's going on. I was scared to death by all the people in my bedroom when I really did come to, and they weren't explaining themselves, which was more terrifying still.

Sorry for the long comment. I know how D feels, and I feel even worse knowing you how feel. I hope D is feeling better.


Oh honey.


I am absolutely heartsick over this for you. So terrifying. I am so sorry you had this happen and I am so relieved that he is ok. My tears are just flowing. I am thinking of you both.

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