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March 06, 2006



What about how to gain employment and keep it. What is required to find and keep a job after graduation. If you don't have a job the monetary stuff won't really matter. No one ever teaches you how to actually think about and get a job or what to do to not get fired.

I wish I had this type of education. I never learned anything about finances and it took me until now to really get it.

Great post-Jen


Lil sis.. Next time we visit, I'm bringing my iron and will teach you how to you use one. :)

I love your course ideas. How about real time management... how to do all those things need to do to survive, plus work, family, house, and your own sanity....


I'm in the process of writing a post about requiring high schoolers to take a world religions class - I'll be posting it later today.

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