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March 09, 2006



Great post.

The term "pro-life" in reference to the anti-abortionist faction is an amazing misnomer. This group's total disregard for the life and health of the mother, and its disdain for welfare programs that benefit mothers and children in poverty, show that these people are not pro-life; they're merely pro-fetus. This simplistic worship of the fetus is the easy way out, and they don't have to care for these children once they're born. Yelling slogans like "Don't kill babies" doesn't help anyone. Putting thousands of white crosses on church lawns to count the aborted fetuses, doesn't help anyone. Take that time and do something constructive for the children who are already living in poverty in your community. Adopt a child that was born to a crack-addicted mother. Then you'll have more credibility as "pro-lifer".


And when I say "you", of course I don't mean you, Journeywoman :)

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