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June 22, 2006



Oh my gosh, I think we married twins that were separated at birth! My husband has to fight every summer to get a class at the community college he works at, and although he did get one class this year, he was supposed to find something else part time to supplement it. That was three weeks ago. It is a constant strain in an otherwise great marriage. I'm tired of talking about it. Worrying about it. It might actually send us back to marriage counseling if he can't step up and just DO it. I totally feel your frustration. Totally.


Oh yeah. Driving force here too. Sometimes I just want to sleep on the back seat but it's never going to happen. He tries, but is SO easily distracted that I have to keep grabbing the wheel. I hate being the person who does that so it makes me very bad-tempered!


Oh man, do I know what that's like to live with. M and D sound frighteningly similar.


We married twins.


I think it is testosterone poisoning, perhaps we can start giving them our left over hormones and cure them of it.

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