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July 11, 2006



Congratulations on your decision. I wish you the best.


All appendages tightly crossed for you..


Awww...all of the best to you!! May your process be swift and smooth! God bless.


Congrats on making a decision. And oh, I just love that song...

Stephanie V

Yay! I'm so happy for you!


Am so glad that you have made your decision, and know that much thought and love went into it. Take care!

PS - I love that song, too.

Brooklyn Mama

So glad you've come to a decision - it's always a relief when you do. Here's to a swift and uneventful wait.


Sounds like a decision made the right way: facts tempered by gut. I'm on the China rollercoaster, also after considering Guatemala. Contact me any time.


I'm so happy for you that you have found your way to a decision and I hope it has brought you a sense of relief.

I know nothing in life is guaranteed but you are in very, very good hands with your Agency's Director she is a truely remarkable woman.

Now hang on tight and enjoy the ride :)


I'm glad that you've made the decision that feels so right to you. I hope the time passes quickly and you are holding your baby in your arms very, very soon.


It is really tough to make this decision with all of the rumors, the sad stories that periodically surface, the possible long wait that seems to go from 1 year to 3 in the span of a week. But I can't believe that following your heart - anywhere - can ever really be wrong.


Oh I'm way behind but big congratulations on finding your peace and your answer. Things are crazy but I can't help but feel it's all going to be alright before too long.


Yeah! Wishing you a smooth, speedy wait. I'm not sure that's ever happened, but I'm wishing it would for you.

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