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July 21, 2006



I can't do 5 right now but I just watched the one where I sob myself silly. The very last scene in Billy Elliot. It just reduces me to a blob every time.


Oh the Billy Elliot one is a classic! The music..!
I love the scene in Pretty Woman (I've seen it SO many times)where she comes out of the bathroom in The Red Dress, he opens the jewellery case with the necklace in it, she goes to touch it and he snaps the case shut on her fingers. Her laugh is so natural that I swear it was an adlib by Richard Gere. I'm grinning just thinking about it.
Most of the "red" section of "Hero".(I'm seeing a colour theme here!)
The final scene of "It's A Wonderful Life".
The goodbye in "E.T" - I can't even think about it without sobbing.
The opening sweep in "Interview With A Vampire".
Oh too many to list!


Oh, so many favourite scenes...

1. "No one puts Baby in the corner" - Dirty Dancing (before the nose job)

2. "You complete me" - Jerry MacGuire (forgetting about how much a dog Tom Cruise is...)

3. "Stop the clocks..." poem being read at the old guy's funeral in Four Weddings and a Funeral

4. the end scene where the dark hard character dies in Beaches

5. when Geena Davis's character rises out the water after she was tied to the water wheel and held under in Long Kiss Good night (I cannot remember the line but one of my fave scenes)

6. the orgasm scene in When Harry Met Sally (need I say more?)

As you can see I have a penchance for romantic comedies and thrillers. I do apologise for my sappiness. Oh, and only the first four make me cry every time - the others are just for pure cleverness... :)

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