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July 21, 2006


Stephanie V

I'm a Congressman advocate when it comes to the USCIS. I've had to do it the two times I've dealt with this agency.

I hate them sooooo much.

Call your local Congressman's office and explain what the deal is. I've found them to be invaluable and surprisingly - gotten my stuff 2 days after their phone call to the orphans officer.


Hang in there. With your choice. It is hard hard hard. I can share some info with you privately about changing if you would like. If we had to do again we would do the same thing, even though we are waiting on a license. BUT there are things you won't hear that need to be brought up so if you want to hear those thing, as I said email me.

I hate stupid expenses. We have those ALL THE TIME. House stuff, car stuff, general BS!



The adoption wait times blow my mind. I think the general public just as no concept.

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