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August 09, 2006



Aww that is sad :(


Emily from Scrambled Eggs and Danae at Hardscrabble. Gone but not forgotten.

Brooklyn Mama

Mollie - I can't remember the name of her blog - who moved to Canada and had a son from Vietnam and a bio baby daughter.


Grrl was the first blog I read while googling the word miscarriage, long after I felt I had dealt with mine. I miss Danae from hardscrabble, and Wessel, and I wish them all the best. And I think of cancerbaby often and wished that I knew more about her.


I miss Grrl...and still check her blog for updates. Others that I miss very, very much are:

Mollie from Greener Pastures

Danae from Hardscrabble

Soper from Uterine Wars (although I still hope she will blog again...her comments pop up here and there on blogs that I read)

I will always miss Cancer, Baby (Jessica).....I truly felt as if I lost a friend when I read the news on her blog.

Amazing how this community has grown to mean so much to many of us, isn't it? Finding Grrl was the first time in our IF experience that I felt empowered, and knew that I wasn't alone anymore.

Take care.


Ahhh... Thank you. That was very sweet of you to mention me.

I miss all the ones you mentioned too. Very much.

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