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August 02, 2006


Carrie P

Hi. I'm not a regular reader of your blog, but I just dropped in from the UK. Your question about book/film recommendations makes me realise how UK-centric my reading and viewing has been lately .... has 'Green Wing' (hospital comedy) travelled outside the UK? If you come across it, do give it the time of day ... it's funny.

Thanks for your writing.


UK reader here. I am re-reading Stephen King's Dark Tower series in its entirety (7 books) and I am loving it all over again.


I'm a US reader but I don't think I've commented before. I write this to you from Jersey City. Right now I am reading Goodnight Nobody by Jennifer Weiner - love it!


US reader, upstate NY.

Have you read Wicked? I'm listening to it on tape right now and it's awesome.


Hey there! Not really delurking since I've commented before, and you used to comment on my site (lost and finding, remember it?). Just wanted to say that I hope you get your papers soon. Ours took longer than it should have too, and I hated checking the mail every day in anticipation.

Hmm...recommendations, huh? Here are a couple of good ones I read this summer: for light, mindless fun and try Janet Evanovich mysteries. I read two this summer. Perfect for unwinding. For something denser but still interesting and well-written try Shadow of the Wind. I couldn't put it down.

Good luck with the waiting. It's really hard. I know.


I'm in the UK too. KLB British Chapter!


Just saying hi! Do you watch Grey's Anatomy? I like to get series on DVD like that and watch a whole season.


Hi from Canada!

Have you seen Lost? If not get the first season on dvd - very addicting!!


De-lurking from the US to recommend Netflixing the BBC Horatio Hornblower miniseries. LOVE IT!


U.S. reader--outside Washington, D.C. So I can go downtown and kick any bum you need me to kick.


Oh...bum as in ass. Kick any ass you need me to kick. And I mean, "tuchas" by ass--not a donkey. Damn, words with double meanings can get you in trouble.


I dare say you know me.

I'm currently reading Mystic and Rider by Sharon Shinn. I recommend anything by her, really. But I have this funny feeling that you probably have read her...


Hi! From the wet coast of Canada!

Sorry this is late-ish :> Congrats on the INS form.

Books? Have you tried JD Robb (Nora Roberts under a pen name)?

Movies: Kiss Kiss Bang Bang (seriously, it was good) and Hoodwinked


This is a bit late, but I am catching up on your archives...

Hello from Ottawa, Canada's capital. I, too, have been sucked in by Veronica Mars. My viewing buddies and I had a marathon today and we're halfway through Season 1. So much fun!!

I have found that a whole bunch of bit players from "Felicity" have been showing up in VM. Did you watch that show? It is a lot of fun.

As for movies -- I have been using our local library to catch up on oldies. I love "Casablanca", but I have recently discovered "To Have and Have Not". Mmm.. Bogie.

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