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October 11, 2006



Have one. Was fascinated by it for 36 hours. Haven't used it in 2 months since then.

Other people swear by theirs so I guess it depends on how big a misic fan you are and what your schedule is like. The only time I can listen to music away from home (where I can use CDs or net radios) is while I'm driving and I don't drive with headphones on for safety reasons.


I was given one as a gift by hubby, and I never thought I'd like it as much as I do. I bought one of those little adapter things that you can plug into your cigarette lighter for the car, so no headphones.

Then, I turned around and bought one for hubby's birthday--even though he swore he didn't want one--and he loves it even more than I do. He actually falls asleep listening to it in bed, and uses it (strapped around his upper arm) when he runs.

I like the concept of playlists, which you can organize any way you want.

My 2cents.


I had one and I loved it for about a year. Then it busted and I've had nothing but problems ever since. At first I thought it was because I dropped it too much. I sent it back right in the nick of time and got it replaced before the warranty ran out. This time I kept it wrapped in the original plastic, I got a case for it, and I was gentle with it. I never dropped it. And yet, 2 months later, it crapped out again. Only now, with no warranty, I can't have it fixed for free. So now it is a paperweight. Honestly, it's only a teensy bit more of a hassle to use my Discman (and batteries are a bitch) but after my experience, I would never ever recommend anyone buy an iPod EVER again.


I love my Ipod. My husband wanted to get me one last year and I said, "Are you kidding me? Spend money on something other than fertility treatment/adoption? Are you smoking crack?!?!" He bought it for me anyway and I love it. I can escape the world. It makes exercising more fun. I have fallen back in love with old songs I never hear on the radio. I have fiddled with the playlists so they can match my mood. Love it! (But I admit I don't know how much it costs. I was afraid to ask!)


Love my iPod..and it really saved us when we traveled to China. We stored all of our music, listened to it while in transit, and even in our room (via the laptop).

I have heard pros and cons, but love mine. I have the adapter thing for the car, too...and even Sofie has a playlist (mostly Laurie Berkner, natch). LOL.


I don't have one. I asked for one for Christmas last year, but then changed my mind. I got a cell phone that has ITunes on it instead. I have only used the music part of the phone two times since receiving it. What I found is that I am rarely anywhere that I want to listen to music(aside from exercising). I listen to music at work, in the car, or at home. That's it.


I know I get bored of things quickly. I wanted an iPod but I bought a cheap mp3 player and sure enough, lived for it for about two weeks. Then nothing. So no iPod needed and no £150 spent.

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