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November 14, 2006



Ok. First, you've got to block off every hole into your house. Mice can fit in holes smaller than a dime. Use steel wool and some of that expanding cement type foam.

Next: peppermint oil. Mice hate it. Soak cotton balls in it and place it cabinets, in corners etc. I even sprinkled it around my house. Smells like a candy cane but I've got no more mice.

If you are into traps, the sticky ones work the best. They are gross and are considered inhumane but I put them done and had caught both mice within an hour.

Good luck!


When I was a kid we had mice, but figured our cat would take care of them. No such luck. We finally gave in and got those horrid sticky traps (I wouldn't use them, but that's just me). Anyway, that darn cat finally caught a mouse - one that was already stuck on a trap. It was so proud of itself, and we realized that we had one truly lazy cat. But the mice did eventually depart. Good luck.


Okay, first, the sticky traps ARE nasty. However, the previous poster is right...they WORK and they work well (hubby used to be a groundskepper at apt. complex). If you use them, you probably will catch the mouse (mice) BUT, have D check the traps and don't check them yourself unless you have an iron stomach because, well...ewwww. On another note...I am so happy that you have a LID. I will hope and pray that things start to speed up...for you and for everyone that is waiting. Oh, and about the "love" might not be love at first sight when you are first getting to know your child...but, you never know. We received our referral a little over a month ago and we have had the opportunity to travel to meet her. It was love at first sight for us and, as we spent a week with her, we feel more and more in love. She has completely stolen our hearts and she has us wrapped around her finger...yes, cliche, but totally true. Also, I'm with you on the attachment will be hard, but so necessary and you are very smart to be considering all of this in advance. Sorry such a book but I haven't been here in a while and I have been thinking of you. God bless.


Ouch. I'm a week late but I hope he's gone. I'm afraid I run away shreaking. The last time there was a mouse in my house, I went out and bought one of those stainless steel garbage cans that you step on top open. And that was the end of the mouse problem. But ewww.

How's the novel coming along?!!

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