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January 13, 2007



I'm glad you are starting to feel better. My hub and I were sick at the same time recently too--both of us had the stomach thing. Not fun.


I've been reading your blog for awhile. I have no idea how I found it, but was pulled in with your writing.


I wish you both a complete recovery. I have no idea how I found your blog! Probably a link off a KLB blog or something.

Thanks for sharing.


I'm out here... and I don't know how we found each other but we've lots in common plus you're a great writer. And I like hearing what it's like to be the partner of someone with D. Keeps me humble, it does.

Can you refresh my memory - how much IF treatment did you guys do before hopping on the China wagon?


I'm still reading!


Hi there. Hope you're back to feeling 100 percent better soon! How did I discover your blog? Hmmm...through an internet search for stuff regarding Chinese adoption. You and I emailed back and forth a few times regarding various aspects of it. My husband and I are now in the midst of an adoption from Guatemala, but I do very much have a heart for Chinese adoption and I actively visit Rumor Queen and other Chinese adoption blogs. Hope your dream of being a Mommy happens SOON. God bless.


Delurking to say just that: Hi and I hope you're better soon.


JW - sorry, meant to de-lurk earlier and got sidetracked. Regarding your subsequent post, I don't blame you at all. Our wait for referral was 16 months, and it was excrutiating. Knowing that our wait for a second (if we get lucky enough to qualify for #2), might be 36 months, we may potentially consider the same route you are contemplating. It is about building a family in ways that make sense and are workable for you and D. Emotionally workable, financially workable, physically workable -- all those things.

Anyway, I get a lot out of reading your blog, thanks for sharing so much of your journey...


Delurking - and loving your writing.


I just found you through stirrup queens -- I'm starting a new blog and trying to make connections with the IF community. I loved the "cave" post that you linked to in the LJ blog.

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