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May 10, 2007



You are *not* a loser. It *will* happen. But it certainly sucks big time right now, and I am very sorry for that.


I'm sorry this is so freakin sucky. You will be a mom, but I know this waiting is totally crappy.



Hopeful Spirit

Hugs to you as this Mother's Day approaches. It will happen . . . in the Divine's time, not ours. There is a reason for this delay and it will be revealed, so have faith!


Honey, you're not alone out there. I had my first IUI in 2003. 3 IVFs, 2 miscarriages, $70K and no baby later, I hate Mother's Day. Oh, yeah, and I'm 4 years older. Love to you, and I really enjoy your blog.

Mrs. Vandertramp

Sigh. Wishing us all moments of peace this weekend.


I'm so sorry for your pain. Infertility and the adoption wait truly suck.

It's Me... Maven

I'm 38, soon to be 39.

I have PCOS.

I was supposed to be a mom by now; actually "by now" would imply I'd already have had a child, naturally, and said child would be roughly 13 years old by now.

Current husband isn't "on board" with the whole adoption thing.

Everytime I menstruate, the window of reality as it pertains to me becoming a mother narrows even more.

I can relate.

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