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May 09, 2007



Probably the salt from the Chinese Food? For me, weight loss is always a delayed reaction. Go figure - my body is not willing to cooperate - where have I heard that before? Hang in there!


I hate dieting WTF's. And now I'm discouraged because we just started the WW points thing on Monday. I'm so optimistic this time....damn, I'll have a WTF for you when I weigh myself next Monday. Sorry for the suckiness.


Don't pay as much attention to the scale as to how you feel and how your clothes are fitting. If you're excercising frequently - you're gaining muscle mass as you lose the fat - you may gain weight. Don't be discouraged because you're making nice progress if you can't fit into the fat jeans sister.


I was going to say what the first commenter said. Any time I have a salty meal, my body decides to store UP TO EIGHT POUNDS (if it's pms time) of water weight.


You're gaining muscle, too, don't forget. Now, I'm not suggesting this is true for you, but for me, I don't lose weight by working out. I do it because it makes me feel better, and my clothes fit better, but actual poundage gone? Not a chance.

Good luck!


I agree with the above - probably the chinese. Salt=water weight=a bad weigh in. I've beeing doing WW since January and I'm down 35 pounds, so stick with it. You also might try varying your points every day to kind of jerk your body out of the "this is all I get and I'm keeping it" mentality. Just a thought. Good luck!!!

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AF is the reason... she's on her way


Could be anything - AF, excess salt - drink lots of water (but not right before you WI - it adds weight).

Also, remember, a pound of muscle weighs the same as a pound of fat, but takes less space. How do your clothes feel?

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Hey, so my husband and my girlfriends are HUGE into heart rate monitors. Apparently, if you are going at it too hard then you aren't actually losing ANY weight, it's all cardio and no weight loss.

I didn't realize this, but usually a brisk walk will get your heart pumping into that weight loss zone. You stick with it for 20 minutes or more and you are set to shed some pounds sister.

Good luck! I despise excercising. bleh.


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