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June 24, 2007



OMG, I know exactly how you feel about the having to go to work when your spouse doesn't. It irritates the hell out of me. As for the fighting, around this time last year was the closest we ever came to separating. And we(I) came pretty close. We were able to work it out, and things have been better for it, but it is a scary feeling. Glad you were able to move past it so quickly.


"We were lucky today, and even luckier that our fight got us to seriously sit down and talk about things that have been bothering us that we've been shoving down."

I think that is the most important thing about having arguments - and that is the strategies to deal with them.

You have been through so much - occasionally you have to vent, and sometimes you have to do that with the ones you love the most.

Good luck.


What's worse than THE fight being the fight to end all fights is when a spouse just up and out of the blue doesn't want to be married anymore. No discussion. No warning. No nothing. It's a blessing when one has something WORTH fighting for.

Sending out good thoughts and vibes to you BOTH!


Wow, I've just been learning this week that other seemingly normal and happy couples have moments of considering throwing in the towel, too! Kinda makes me feel a little better;)

I'd also forgotten that your husband was adopted - my husband was also - abandoned by his biological father and adopted by his mother's new husband. He definitely has abandonment issues and it is very challenging for me sometimes.

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