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June 11, 2007



Hope it goes okay.


Oh, I hope so, too (about the test). And thank goodness you'll have your Momma there for you. Hang in there.


Good luck with the test!


Sending good thoughts right now in case you're in the test as I write this. Hope all is well.


Oh yuck. Hope tomorrow goes better - test and all.

Mrs Pushy

Hey you- I wanted to say that I hope your test went alright. I just had this test done last week, and it was less than pleasant. Perhaps your mother will do better than my poor hubby did- when it was all over, I looked over to see him with his head between his legs, and the nurse running to get him some ginger ale so he didn't pass out! If all works out, looks like I'll be needing a backup for the delivery room!

Best of luck to you and D during this journey~

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