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June 06, 2007


Wacky Mommy

"it's not easy being green" always makes me smile.

Cool list.

Nicole Austin

Great TT! Animal was my favorite. :D

The Gal Herself

What a fabulous post! It's imaginative and sincere and I loved it. (Of course I'm listening to Paul McCartney as I type this, so I'm more than a little prejudiced.) Oh, and Babs! She was a great mentor, though in a way she blighted my path. After seeing The Way We Were about 200 times, I was convinced that as a loudmouthed liberal who can't keep my opinions to myself, I was practically promised a dishy sailor all my own! Unfortunately, it hasn't happened yet.


And my personal mentor, Ms. Kobryn who was my teacher for first and third grade and with whom I corresponded until her death just a few years ago.


Very cool list..Enjoyed reading it!

Crimson Wife

Interesting list! Never understood what a smart cookie like Diane would see in a guy like Sam. Okay, he was supposed to be an ex-Red Sox pitcher but he was a total womanizer, sheesh!


Barbra Streisand...I love her!!!

Steven Spielberg is classic!

Happy Thursday!

This Eclectic Life

That list rocks! Jim Henson was a genius, Yoda did get in at least one good quote, and your story about Barbara Streisand is priceless. I bet you were a ring-tailed tooter (said affectionately, that's a good thing).


So many of yours are so many of mine; the Beatles, Jim Henson, School House Rock... What a poignant and intensely personal T13.

For me, instead of Barbra and Bea, 2 of my mentors were:

Mr. T on the A-team - the coolest cat on the planet. He was a bad ass who also had very human fears. He taught me it was okay to be tough and soft at the same time.

Ringo Staff in Caveman - I loved this movie when I was a kid. It was awesome how the nerdy underdog saved the other cave people and got the girl. I appreciated that he realized that the really cool girl was the smart and helpful one, not the sex bomb (a theme that has been replayed over and over, but still works).

Thanks for the good memories.

Domestic Geek

The world definitely lost a shining star the day we lost Jim Henson. It's amazing to think of how our lives wouldn't have been impacted so greatly if not for the likes of Roddenbury, Lucuas and Speilberg. Great list!


6) Dorothy Zpornak played by Beatrice Arthur

I knew that one - I was watch GG season 3 last night with my best friend. :-) Love those ladies!!!


Aw, I love that little you in Hebrew school who stood up for what she knew was right!

It's Me... Maven

Absolutely perfect list; mine, I'd swap out Babs for Mr. Rogers or Kaptain Kangaroo...


I must admit, I never really thought of these people like this. Especially Yoda -- but you're right on target. Nice story about your Grandpa. Did he ever re-marry a Golden Girl?


Great list. Especially Barbara S and the Yoda quote. I love that quote and used it in a birthday card for someone recently. But you just inspired me to print it and stick it on my computer. It'll be good with my clients too. Thanks for making me think of it again. I LOVE Yoda!


Bob Ross: There are no such things as mistakes. Only happy little accidents.

Jessica The Rock Chick

Great list! I agree, those Muppets totally rock!! I always liked the songs they sang like "Rainbow Connection"...

And Yoda! Well, he was just too cool as well.

Really cool list!
Happy TT
Jessica The Rock Chick

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