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June 13, 2007


Wacky Mommy

That is love.

Crimson Wife

Happy birthday to your dad! He sounds like a wonderful man :-)


You are lucky being able to do such a list, I could only list 13 negative points !


This is an amazingly beautiful tribute.


He sounds like a wonderful man... and I think you just did a great TT!!! :)


Happy Birthday to your dad. Such a lovely tribute from his pride and joy.


You always make me tear up! I'm the same way with my Dad and how the quiet disappointment had a much bigger impact than any amount of yelling from Mom.

When we were going through the Home Study process with our agency, I had to describe my parents and their parenting style - pros and cons. While I could come up with a dozen examples of things I'd do differently from my Mom*, I couldn't come up with a single thing that I would do differently from my Dad.

Happy Birthday to your Dad - and a Happy Father's Day this weekend to all Dads (and future Dads)!

*don't get me wrong, my Mom is great too :-)


That's lovely. Your dad sounds like a great guy.

Deanna Dahlsad

Such a lovely post, it speaks to his character as well as your own.

(Thanks for stopping my TT post too.)


What a great list and totally appropriate for the day and Father's day this weekend! I know what you mean about the disappointed comment, that's a rough one! Happy TT and thanks for stopping by my list!


How neat! Sounds like a great dad!


This is nice :)

It's Me... Maven

This one made me misty.


It's Me... Maven

This one made me misty.


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