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July 18, 2007



#2 was priceless....I LOVED that movie!!


great choices! :)

happy TT


And may I add to #11:

"What do you call that hairstyle you're wearing?"


love your list!


Oh, BTW, John answered "Turn left at Greenland" George answered "Arthur"!

Don't worry tho, I'm really sane!


Great choices! I was just looking at the actors of The Princess Bride a couple of days ago. I put up a post about it. 20 years later!! I can't believe that.

Thanks for visiting :)


GREAT list! I love the Marriage scene in Princess Bride! Happy TT!

Wylie Kinson

Thanks for the flashbacks. Your choices were wonderful.


Love many of these too!

Some of my faves:

--the getting pulled over scene in Garden State

--the ecstasy scene in Girl Next Door

--Legolas jumping on the horse in the second Lord of the Rings

--the christening scene in the Godfather

Wow, I'm on overload right now--there's just too many great scenes! My post will be 300 feet long if I keep going...

Karen (Miscellaneous Mum)

Wow - what a great idea for a TT. I'm glad to see some golden 'oldies thrown in too!!

one scene off the top of my head is the look on mel gibsons' face when his wife is murdered in braveheart and he goes all medieval on their asses (literally)


I agree with your insight into "It's a Wonderful Life"
Good listing.


Love it's a Wonderful Life...

Awesome TT!


The mass parachuting scene in 'The Wild Geese'

The final scenes of 'The Others'

The very last scene of 'Oh What A Lovely War!'

The 3 minis driving through Turin in 'The Italian Job' The original, not the recent crap remake.

The battle in the air sequence from 'The Battle of Britain'

Firth and Grant fight like girls in 'Bridget Jones: the Edge of Reason'

Scrooge comes to his senses in 'A Christmas Carol' The best version, starring Alistair Sim, made in 1951.


Good list---I like A HARD DAY'S NIGHT a lot, but "The Princess Bride" always bothered me because in the scene with the giant rat the girl just stood there like a ninny instead of helping the guy...That always used to bother me about that sort of story.

My favorite scene in any film is the last one in "The Full Monty," one of my all-time favorites...

Christine d'Abo

Oh man I love the Princess Bride. I could watch that sword fight scene over and over. I get so excited when it comes up, my kids are laughing at me. :)

Sparky Duck

#1 and #2 are must watches always. And #12 is a Christmas must at least once, even if its just the last half hour

Project Ni Hao

The "Red's Bar" scene in Midnight Run, where Charles Grodin is trying to figure out why it's named that way.

The (almost) opening scene of Pirates of the Carribean, where Jack Sparrow is sailing into port on his sinking ship. Love the music during that scene.

Any number of scenes from O Brother, Where Art Thou...Dapper Dan scene, Soggy Bottom Boys scenes.

And, yes, just about any scene from Princess Bride. Great list!


In Princess Bride I love the marriage scene "Maw-widge. Maw-widge iws an honorable winstitutwon..." and Apollo 13 where they have to McGyver a solution using a straw, a tube sock, and some papers and stuff. And Pretty Woman when he catches her in the bathroom with what he thinks are drugs, and it turns out to be dental floss because, "you can't neglect your gums." You forgot the faked orgasm scene in When Harry Met Sally and the interviews with the old couples, my fav. You are brilliant as ususal.

Angela Giles Klocke

I do the same thing. Different movies but same deal :D


The Apartment - when Jack Lemmon sees the compact with the broken mirror and realizes that the woman he loves is having an affair with his friend.
Old Yellow - when the boy picks up his rifle and goes to shoot the dog who saved his life
Bambi - the original version - when Bambi wonders where his mother is and his father says "Man has taken her away"
Godfather 2 - "Fredo, you've broken my heart"


This was an awesome T13!I am a Kill Bill fan. And ET is my fave alein.
Thanks for stopping by my T13. :o)

DK Raymer

I loved this list! It's 9:24pm here - that's not too late to start watching the Star Wars trilogy, is it? The first 3, not the new ones! Now see what you started? Thanks for stopping by my blog and have a fabulous weekend!


I love A Hard Day's Night :) So many good quotes...

Who's that old man?
That's Paul's grandfather.
He's... very clean.

I never knew what that reference was until a few years ago, when my husband showed me an episode of "Steptoe and Son", a British show in the early 60s. The character played by Wilfred Brambell (Paul's grandfather in A Hard Day's Night) was always called a "dirty old man" by his son.


The Princess Bride is one great scene into another -
"My name is Indigo Montoya. You killed my father. Prepare to die."
"Stop saying that!"

"Bye bye boys."
"Have fun stormin' the castle."

I also love Han Solo's realization that Luke and Leia are siblings.

The Goonies - Chunk telling his life story to the Fratellis, Andi's first kiss with Brand - only it was with Mikey, Data's pinchers of power... again, too many to list.

Thanks for the fun TT!

The Gal Herself

Never seen Kill Bill or Empire Strikes back, but the other 11 ... TERRIFIC! I'd add Streisand on the tugboat singing "Don't Rain on My Parade" in Funny Girl and Rose impressing Jack by dancing on the table in Titanic. These are such fun!

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