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August 05, 2007



Keep in mind when I say this that I haven't read this book:

I think one of my issues is that these people are not pledging their lives to keep us safe and free. They are pledging their lives to do the bidding of the Bush Administration. They don't just deserve our thanks -- they deserve our apology. An apology that we (well not we -- we're smart) let Bush into power, kept him in power, and allowed him to ruin peoples' lives, over here and in the Middle East.

I can't imagine being in Marcus Lutrell's shoes. In fact, I'm imagining the breakdown right now. And when I think about what he had to go through, it makes me angry that people like Dennis Rodman and Britney Spears make more than these men and women who go through such horrendous bullshit for our misguided country.

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