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September 09, 2007



That is well said. I know I have been a watcher in the past (hopefully not about infertility!) and now that I have been watched so extensively I try hard to avoid it.

Mrs Pushy

Loved your post. The sad part is that the Watchers never sleep. When you finally do reach the goal of parenthood, they will be there, watching, and sooo willing to share their vast Experience and Knowledge of what they know is the Right Way. I wish you all of the good JuJu in the world in your attempt to foil them.

I have a new blog. Just click on my name above. Hope to see you over there.

Mrs Pushy

Sorry- I pushed publish before I changed the address. Try again? I hope so.


I cannot express adequately how much I loved this post... it rings so true it brings back the sting of the watchers that once were...

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