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October 17, 2007



This is very precious--you should be sure all your family reads it. Make copies for people who love her--and you! I'll pray for your family.

ellen b

Sweet , blessings on you and your mom...


I have been praying(hard) since your first post and will continue to do so until I read the post where you tell us that she is home and well. And she will be. She sounds like a very strong woman.

Laura in L.A.

I wrote up something similar about my grandmother's life and presented it at her church for Mother's Day one year. I hadn't wanted to do it, because I'm not a good public speaker, but it was one of the best things I've ever done. She was so touched, and a written copy was among her things when she passed a few years later. Be sure to give yours to your mom and make copies for everyone. I'm praying for her, and for your whole family.


Wow, what a wonderful picture of your mother. She must have a powerful impact on your life and the lives of others. Thank you for sharing all of that during this struggle.

All the best to you from a stranger. May your mother be given the best treatment and the most peace and comfort.


That is a lovely portrait of your mom -- and please know that many are thinking of you and your family and hoping for your mom's quick recovery! Keep strong and positive thoughts and remember to take care of yourself!


That was beautiful. Do keep it, and print out a copy for your mom.

I'm keeping her in my thoughts.


Hi..this is a very sweet list..really touched my heart..thanks for sharing..

mom not mum

What a fantastic tribute to your mom. She sounds like a fantastic woman and here is hoping for a quick recovery.


This is a wonderful tribute to your mom she sounds like a great mother your family is in my thoughts


Awwww, my mom died aged 56, when I was just 32, yours sounds like one amazing lady!


She sounds like a truly wonderful, inspirational lady. How blessed you are to have such a great mum, and how blessed your mum is that she has a daughter who recognizes it. My very best wishes for her swift recovery!

Tempest Knight

My parents are old too, so I know how it is when they get sick. It's tough. *hugs* I'll keep your mom and you on my thoughts. I hope she gets well soon.


I hope you get some comfort


I SO know what you're going through. But then you know that too :) Both of our moms rock, and its so hard to see them suffer. Thanks for your comment on my blog, I really appreciate it!

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