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October 11, 2007



I agree with D, there will never be the perfect time. Prayers going up for your mother. MY DH had cellulitis a couple of years was very scary but the antibiotics did take care of it. Wishing your mom a quick recoveray!



Oh, I am so sorry. I know that fear. For me, it felt like I was swimming and swimming, yet I kept going under and no matter how hard I swam I didn't get anywhere. It is exhausting. I'll be praying for your Mom to get better soon.


Hang in there; you're in my thoughts.


I hope mom recovers soon. Keep positive!

Laura in L.A.

Honey, D is right. Don't delay your IVF--you'll manage to work it all out. I never had any side effects from IVF meds, and I hope you won't either. Sending healing prayers to mom.

Secret agent

sorry you have to deal with this now.
I hope your mom is ok.. very scary stuff
but, I agree.. you have to finish your IVF

Tempest Knight

Sorry to hear your mom is sick. I hope she gets well soon. I'll keep her in my thoughts.


im sorry about your mom, my thoughts are with you. It is very hard when one family member is sick.

Good luck on your upcoming IVF, Im glad that DH is on board and is being positive and supportive


I am so sorry to hear about your mom. She is in my thoughts and prayers for a quick and easy recovery. Good luck with the IVF too! ((hugs))


***HUGS*** Hope your mom is feeling better soon. Good luck with everything.

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