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January 21, 2008



It's funny because I will often continue to read IF sites even after they become pregnant because the whole idea of being pregnant is so foreign(and fascinating) to me. Sometimes I wil stop reading after the baby is born, because it is all the "firsts" that I'll never get to see that make me sad. Sometimes I will stop following an adoptive family after they bring their baby home. I'm not sure why. Poosibly because I related to them more when we were both waiting. That seems a bit selfish though. I find that people certainly don't post as often after they have thier children home, and I need my fix, so that might be the reason I stop following too.


Hmm, I don't know why I stop reading when I do...sometimes I just don't click with the blogger, sometimes I just lose interest, sometimes I get annoyed over whatever (religion is a big one, but it depends on how the blogger writes about their faith), sometimes they go password protected and I either don't get the password or don't bother to ask for it.

And even now, sometimes I can't read about a blogger's pregnancy...which is weird, considering, no? Occasionally I think I should merge my two blogs, then decide that nah, I want to keep them seperate for exactly the reasons you list above. Which isn't to say I don't post pregnancy related stuff (such as when I blogwhore), but I try to keep myself out of it when I can.


I stop reading first, when I found out some very difficult to swallow nastiness about the person in real life (this has rarely happened thouhg). I've also stopped writing when the connection is no longer there, you know, they jump ships of any kind.

so, like you, there is no one size fits all autonomy, I read what I enjoy and delete/skip what I no longer do.

sometimes "funny" stops being funny. And sometimes fulfilling leaves me on empty.


Some blogs I read because of a commonality, some blogs I read because I find them interesting, funny, etc and those things change. Some blogs, like yours, I don't consider to fit into any particular category, they're just smart and those are the blogs I hang on to long interests and life might change, but you'll always be smart and I'll always enjoy that!lol



I stop when people complain a lot after bringing home baby. Not about real problems like bfing but about being tired or having a messy house. I also stop when people stop posting without an explanation. That's just rude. I know some blogs that were just IF blogs and I sometimes follow those bloggers to their new sites. Sometimes once the IF is out of their lives I realise I have little in common with them and I'm not that interested in their daily life.

That said my blog is basically picspam of my kid, so I'm saying I wouldn't bother to read my own blog. Oops.


I think the only blog I've stopped reading recently was one where I didn't know the person, and I really became uninterested in the person's rollercoaster life of Drama.

Do some blogs make me sad, or hit me in my soft places? Yes. But I need to be hit in my soft places from time to time. It reminds me of what I don't have, but it also reinforces what I do.


I can totally empathize. I've endured this in real life though. A (now former) friend and I were both struggling with IF, and suddenly, miraculously, she was able to conceive and carry to term. She "forgot where she came from" (as I like to put it), and marginalized my own struggle w/PCOS by saying, "If it could happen to me, it could happen to you, too." When the reality was, there were two mutually exclusive reasons why we both were struggling with IF.

Sadder still? I have not laid eyes on that friend since April 15, 2004, which was the day I went to see her in the hospital, after she gave birth.

She doesn't call or email me anymore. No more plans for girl's day out, etc. And I dread Xmas, when I get that trite and expected photo xmas postcard with her daughter posing so sweetly--each year it's a reminder of not only my continued struggle, but also a reminder of a friend that I lost in the process, only she doesn't realize it.


I stop reading or checking in when I get bored or just don't have enough time.

Mrs. Vandertramp

I've been running through the same questions myself lately. Even with coworkers and others, I find myself retreating upon the news. My biggest guilt is people entering the IA process but learning from our wait - I want to be supportive and yet I can't celebrate with them. Not a blog-specific response, I guess, but still...

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