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June 11, 2008



I didn't watch all these shows, but more than half of them. I like your ideas. Especially for Star Trek:NG and M*A*S*H.

Check out my first T13


LOL...great list!! Happy TT.

Ann Bruce

I thought you were going to say Angel and Spike got it on. Now THAT would've been interesting.


A standing ovation from me for #s 9, 11 and 12.

I can't think of anything for #13.


I too was disappointed that Sam never made it home on "Quantum Leap".

Here is what happened next on Becker:

Becker wins $1,000,000 after buying a lottery ticket from Jake's newsstand. Tired of city living, Becker uses his winnings to leave NYC for the South Pacific. Although he's essentially retired, he still practices medicine when needed. Chris, Becker's girlfriend, sells the diner and goes with him. There, she opens a bar/restaurant near the beach.

Chelle Y.

You have a creative imagination!

Firefly Mom

As far as your Angel/Buffy entries go, I always wished they somehow found a way to be together.

And #11 - I actually yelled "No!" in the theater when Wash died. Embarrased the crap out of my hubby ;D I'm right there with you on finding out what Book's secret past was. (And yes, my name "Firefly Mom" is a nod to this show and not the little bug ;)


I can't come up with a #13. I'm not creative in that way. Lucy and M*A*S*H are just awesome. I have Season 1 of Lucy on DVDs and M*A*S*H is going on my Christmas list.


Seinfeld. Nothing.


Haha I always knew about #3!!! But did you know that for #13 Mrs C, and Fonzie from Happy Days were having a torrid love affair. Hmmm think about it! ;)

Strange where the mind takes one prior to finishing their morning coffee! :)

Thanks so much for stopping by!

erin (at) jewellerybyerin (dot) com

I guess you are a Joss Whedon fan, too.
I liked the endings you proposed for Angel and Firefly - I did enjoy the movie Serenity, although I tend to agree that I am upset anytime a character I have grown to love is killed.


I want a different ending for the end of Blackadder Goes Forth. Bah.


Ah, but Angel is ALSO continued in a lovely comic book, which is not written by but is authorized by the one Joss Whedon (who I'm still in a fight with, re: his lateness on Runaways). Have you note seen Angel: After the Fall (aka Season 6)?

Sarah in Disturbia

I don't watch most of those shows but enjoyed your list all the same. Thanks for stopping by my TT : )

The Gal Herself

#3 and #6 were my favorites! Very creative. (Though regarding Moonlighting, I'd prefer it if David finally gave up on Maddie for good and carried ME off into the sunset!)


Angel, Buffy, Firefly...all my favorties! ;) I wish they could have gone on forever...

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