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September 17, 2008


Ann Bruce

Palin has Bush's ignorance and Cheney's personality. If McCain dies in office...


Your 13 reasons are among my long list of reasons why I won't vote for him either. Happy TT.

Nicole Austin

I don't trust any politican to have interests other than their own at heart. You know things are bad when you have to chose by which is the lesser of the two evils.


I do support McCain/Palen, but I am always happy to read others opinions and am glad to know that no matter which side people are supporting, at least they are doing it informed. Happy TT.

Opinionated Diva

Wow...powerful post!

I didn't know about #12...and I am thoroughly disgusted by it.

They definitely don't have my vote!


I am not American so have no real say, BUT where I said before I could live with McCain that was before he introduced Palin who is just a horrible human being through her actions, which can be verified including how her signature is on that document forcing rape victims to pay for rape kits! She says she is a Christian, but no good Christian could be so cruel to victims of a horrific crime.

Good luck with your election. I shudder to think if they get in.

Great list!

Alice Audrey

Return to the Reagan years? Shudder!


OH! MY! STARS! I did not know about half of these. I can't believe #12!!! Her Christian ways must not use the 'ol question What Would Jesus Do (WWJD)?

On a limb with Claudia

Good for you for speaking your mind! Well done!

Brenda ND

This election is great because so many people are involved and doing research. This time many of us will be informed. Thanks for sharing.


All I can say here is...yep. I'm with you.

The Gal Herself

The torture thing is the most depressing on your list. I admired John McCain four years ago when he took a bipartisan stand and spoke alongside John Kerry against torture. Whatever happened to THAT John McCain?

Great post, and thanks for visiting my TT.

PS It always makes me sad to read that choosing between these two is like choosing the lesser of two evils. That is terrifically unfair and so cynical.


Thanks for your visit to Small Reflections and the 'favorite quotes about books and reading' that you added to my list there. I also appreciate your thoughtfully prepared T-13 today with links to relevant information.
Hugs and blessings,


Hear, hear.

I'm so glad you posted this, because in your comments some people didn't know about some of these things. So thanks! Thanks for raising people's awareness.

You are making a difference, and it really matters.


The choice of Palin was an insulting an ill considered attempt to get votes from disillusioned Hillary supporters -- as though they would vote against their core values just because Palin has breasts! Palin's Christianity obviously stems from a belief that Jesus was a selfish, misogynistic, uncompassionate hater of the poor and disadvantaged. A Republican, in fact.

Teena in Toronto

We have a federal election coming up in October ... so are bombarded with Canadian and American propoganda. And I'm soooo not political.

Thanks for stopping by mine :)


amen, sister. let's hope others follow your lead.

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