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September 21, 2008



Definately get a real estate agent who knows the area better, it makes a world of difference.


YES! Get a real estate agent that knows the area better!

We did not have one that truly knew the area and that is why we are incredibly unhappy here! Think about it...Canadians, in the suburbs of GA!?!?! 45 minutes from downtown Atlanta, 15 from the Alabama border. That just equals not a good fit!


Unless you know the neighbourhood like the back of your hand, get an agent who does. We're now in our 4th house. With every house, we've noticed differences in the neighbourhood that often aren't obvious unless you know you're way around REALLY well. There are subtleties that could make you regret being on one block rather than the next. It always helps to know which block is most family friendly, which one everyone cuts through to beat traffic, the one with the crazy people, etc. Good luck!



I know this will make me anal but I know you'll understand...I should have reread my previous post - obviously it should be know YOUR way around!!lol



That last part made me laugh. I don't have any advice for you on the realtor, but it makes sense to have one that knows the area you are buying in.

I'm sorry about the IVF. That does suck. Why does it seem that in terms of our journey to parenthood, the one thing that is consistent is the waiting? Sucks.

Sarah in Ottawa

From our experience, the ONLY reason that we got a house in our desired neighbourhood was because we worked with an agent who knew it well! We had one small spot in mind, one that is totally surrounded by a greenbelt and cannot really add any homes. Only 50 or so properties come on the market each year, so having the right agent made all the difference for us.

Good luck! (Also - you have no idea how much I wish I could vote for Obama. Seriously.)

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