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October 07, 2008




I'm not religious and certainly no authority, but I wanted to let you know that in talking with a number of Orthodox friends this week it was clearly explained to me that the sick are NOT obligated to attend synagogue. If you're up to it (and only if you are), the obligation to fast takes precedence over most other things, but there is no obligation to be physically present in the synagogue. The door is no less open to the words of your heart at home, or anywhere else you might be.

I wish you peace and good health, and may this be the year that your journey finds its own smooth path to its destination.

Adelle Laudan

Feel better, real soon. Lovely list. Happy T13!

Library Lady

Robin is right on what Orthodoxy says about fasting--I remember it from my grandma.
And as a secular (and agnostic) Jew, I know that it may sound weird for me to say this, but I agree with her that the door is open as long no matter where you are.

I'd say "abei gezint", but since you are ailing--GET healthy--soon!

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