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November 24, 2008



That sucks about your brother. Sometimes my family does crazy sh** that I just don't understand either. Wanna be Facebook friends? If you'd rather keep that part of your life private, I understand. My Dad is on Facebook too. My sister was pissed when I signed him up. Heh.

Debra Sue

IMO, it's not the reason - from what I've read he's not contributed before this year; it's an excuse. Even if he offered to just pay for his family (for the dinner out) or contribute to the meal (for dinner in) it would help. It's the effort that counts, and it sounds like he's not willing to make any. I am sorry, and I understand because my brother's the same way. However, my issue is more about the fact that he has 4 kids to my one stepchild, and the inbalance in the gift giving between the children is unbelievable. I get pissed every year. Granted he has one income and a huge family, and we have 2 incomes and a small family, but still. It's a 3:1 ratio on the gifts, and we actually put time and effort into what we give to his children. Last year, my poor stepdaughter got footie pajamas and a lava lamp from the dollar store; yeah footie pajamas at 12.

Anyhoo, sorry for the rant, but I feel your frustration!

Would love to be FB friends, if you're open. Isn't it cool to get in touch with people you haven't seen in years? I am amazed at some of the friend requests I've received.

Happy Thanksgiving & take deep breaths to stay strong!

Library Lady

So your nieces don't get to learn that Christmas isn't just about them--that giving to others is just as important?

Feel sorry for them--they are not learning one of life's most important lessons. It's sad that he doesn't get that. Especially if your parents, like mine, did without a lot for themselves when they were young so you and he could have more...


I'm glad you're enjoying Facebook. I've never even seen it. Sometimes I think I'm the only person ho has never tried Facebook, Myspace etc.

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