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November 22, 2008



I hate how money and family crap can really get in the way of enjoying the holidays.


I can so relate to this. My Dad is 77(my mom passed away 12 years ago). There are three children. Myself, my twin, and my older brother. My brother cannot(will not) hold a job for any length of time. He lives with my Father, in the house I grew up in. My husband and I struggle financially. My sister is the only one who managed to make a good living and is financially stable. She lives 6 hours away from us. I am the one who goes to see my Dad every single weekend. I am the one who buys him clothes when his pants have holes in the because my Mom always shopped for him when she was alive. I am the one my aunt calls and tells me that my Dad's house needs fixing up because it is falling apart at the seams. My brother LIVES there for God's sake! I'm not able to help him financially to get a new roof for the house. My sister is, but she doesn't see how it is her responsibility. My father did not plan for his retirement. She says that is not her fault. Who will take care of our elderly if not their children? I just don't get it. Why do some children in the same family feel that sense of responsibility and others don't? We fight about it often. And then I let it go because I am the peacemaker in the family and I wish we could all just get along.

It is exhausting at times.

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