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January 21, 2009



You brought tears to my eyes! What a fantastic post. I've always been pro-choice but I am ashamed to admit I never thought of #2. Why is it we don't talk about that??

Library Lady

My husband always points out that emphasized enough. If people thought that losing ANY legal form of birth control was on the table, they might start to take notice.

And the last word says it all for me. If we could prevent more of the pregnancies, then the need for the abortions would drop dramatically--though it would still always be there. And it always needs to stay SAFE and legal.

Thanks for putting this up again!

Library Lady

Oops, somehow I typed "#5 is not..." but it didn't show up in my comment. But that's the point I was referring to, of course!


Well done! I've often wondered about #2 myself. Why is the responsibility placed solely on the female?


thank you for this post. i read it when you posted it from my phone, but commenting is near impossible from there.

i had to come back and let you know how much i love it, and how i wish that people would see abortion as the complex issue that it is. not just wrong or right, but all the what ifs and how comes about it too.

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