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February 04, 2009



excellent points. thanks for the education!


Great stuff! Wow. "there is enough shit around Washington without it being in the streets. " LMFAO
Up with 13 Thorne-Quirks
Happy TT!

Library Lady

They're just pissed because no one wants to put in the tax cuts they want.

Or perhaps, in lieu of the sewer thing, I should say "pooped"? :)

They should know better on that one. We had one serious water main break just outside DC in December, and there have been a spate of others...


Wasteful, in Republican speak, means: "I don't want to spend all my money, I want to play with it and watch it grow, all for mememe!!!"


A very thoughtful and timely post.

Alice Audrey

I'm all for rebuilding infrastructure, especially with the future in mind.


I just hope it fixes something. :)

Susan Helene Gottfried

I met a structural engineer last week. Neat woman. She made me understand very well how necessary it is to take care of our infrastructure. Think about how OLD some of these things are -- sewers, roads, bridges. Things we need for day-to-day life. They need some TLC before they collapse on us.

Neat 13. You made me think, and I like to think!


Excellent post. I appreciated the comments about firefighters, since I am married to one!

The Bumbles

I guess some of these things don't really fall under the umbrella of the specific spirit of the legislation proposed - they see it as pork. All are important issues to be addressed. I am a registered Democrat and should really pay more attention to the details like you do - I applaud your conscientiousness.


Yep. Shame they're trying to fix things. What was it Rachel Maddow said? Oh yeah.

"Infrastructure is sexy."


Wow, what a list... Interesting stuff though!
Thanks for visiting my TT.


The infrastructure of the nation has been ignored since Reagan was president. Remember the bridge in Minnesota that just collapsed without warning? The huge power outage in the NE in 2004? And the levees that couldn't hold up to a Cat 4? The Republicans by instinct react against public spending, regardless of the consequences.

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