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March 17, 2009



I am still full of fear, terror, and excitement and I've been in my house for four years!

Congratulations! That is so awesome!


Our experience (almost 9 years ago) was identical, and we've never regretted it (including our full price offer). We did celebrate the night we heard they accepted the offer, and I was excited for a moment. But like everyone, we had a bumpy road to closing, and an incident on the day we took possession that I won't detail now. I didn't truly feel the excitement until the movers starting bringing in furniture and asking where we wanted things placed.

You'll get there, to the excitement, really. And isn't it wonderful to know that you finally did find the RIGHT house?!?!?!


Congratulations! Scary, but you soon become accustomed to it.


Yeah for you! The self doubt creeps in and out for a while, but am sure you will be elated in the long run.

The Bumbles

I still remember shaking when I went to the bank for that big cashier's check for the deposit.


you won't get to excited until you close, then you move and are in and then it hits you..MY HOUSE.

Try to enjoy the bits you can, picking paint and thinking of your life there. Don't worry about the rest, it all works out!

Good luck and Congrats!


I have no experiences to share with you, but just wanted to stop in and say Wahoo!! Congratulations!

Oh, and Holy Shit! :)

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