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March 19, 2009



Congratulations!! The house sounds fabulous! It's nice to see such a positive Thursday 13. I've got two up today - one at and one at

Anthony North

Hope all goes well.

My T-13

Alice Audrey

In this economy the trick is to make sure you buy a house that is within your means. Debt is what will kill you. Otherwise, it's one of the best investments you can make, simply on savings on rent alone.


Congrats to you! take out the what ifs and go with the loves and beautiful! You will be fine!


I'm sure the house will pass inspection. It usually just gives you a good idea if you are facing any large maintenance projects and that will give you leverage with the seller. Congrats on the contract!


Good luck on your new house! I can't believe my family will have been in our first house for 4 years at the end of May, I too was very worried (I'm a single mother of 3) especially about job loss, but there's no such thing as full security anywhere & if you never leap, you'll never know how wonderful it can be.


I have above ground oil and love it. Just watch your oil levels, it can run out quick because you aren't thinking about the electric or gas bill so you may not be so mindful with the thermostat! At least that's my problem!

Susan Helene Gottfried

Mazel Tov on the house! I think it's a very good time to be buying one, especially if values have bottomed out where you are. It's a wise investment.


Congrats again, hun.

Re: flat burners... do you mean a glass-top stove? They're actually pretty nice.

The main difference between gas and electric cooking is that it takes longer to get up to heat on an electric stove and takes longer to cool down. Turning off the heat doesn't have the same impact as on a gas stove.

But you get used to it, and adjust accordingly.

I love my glasstop for the ease in cleaning.


It's so exciting! I hope to be doing that this year, too :-)


It's a good time to buy. Try to relax and enjoy it.


Make sure to use flat bottomed pans :-)
Happy TT!
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You cant worry about it...just do it. Thats why the economy is so bad because everyone is scared. The unemployment is 10% but that also means that 90% of us have a job. I took a loan out to improve my took forever but Im glad I did. Just do is the PERFECT time to buy:) Have fun with it! Happy TT and thanks for stopping by.


You have already thought more about it than we did when we bought our home. We had a great home inspector though - no problems but if your's finds any get them ALL fixed first or move on to something else. Repairs are expensive and a home - regardless of the shape it is in - ALWAYS creates expenses one way or another! Good luck on this super exciting time.

Ann Bruce

This is a perfect time to buy! Low prices, low interest rates. Personally, I'm tempted to pick up another rental property. I just have crunch some numbers to make sure I won't be over-leveraged.


Congratulations!!! I'm SO jealous! You can do this. Just breathe. =)


Hey, it sounds like we're on similar journeys. We're in the process of buying a house too and it's scary. You are way ahead of us in adoption, though, since we still haven't gotten started on that. I'll be following your journey, hoping that you'll arrive safely with both house and child. : )


Congrats!! I remember my hand shaking when DH and I were signing the papers on our very first house. It's a big step but you get used to it pretty quickly. Ten years and 3 houses later, when we bought our current house last year, it barely registered with us although we spent way more $$ than on that first house. Like anything else, the first time you do it, it's nerve racking, but it's also lots of fun and exciting. Enjoy your new digs!

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