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April 19, 2009



Yay for the house!

Boo for D's dental problems.

I really really really(really) hope you can still come to CA!! My fingers and toes are crossed that it works out.

I so hear you about the pregnancy news. I had a nice long dry spell and in the last two months it has picked back up again(4 people I know are pregnant). The sad part is I have started to feel the same twinges of sadness when I hear about people who are LID after us getting referrals. And I hate myself for them. We can talk about it at dinner on Friday(I'm going to think positively that your trip will still happen)

See you Friday :)

Pamela Jeanne

Hey, just dropping by and see that you're in my neck of the woods...well, that is if you're not down South or far up North...CA being a big state and all...

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