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May 06, 2009


Adelle Laudan

Thanks for the wish of comfort. Lovely post & Kewl list. I didn't know some of them weren't Moms.
Happy T13!


your last thoughts are so sweet!! Happy Mother's Day, to your mom!:)
My Thursday 13


Some of those names surprised me. I think Rachael Ray saying she is too busy to be a mom is very UNselfish.


Interesting list. Some people just have no wish to be parents. Why do some other people have a problem with that?


I love this post, excellent. and I especially love your hopeful wish at the end.


I don't think I ever knew Betty White didn't have children-and I am a huge golden Girls fan! Very nice post-I love how you ended it!

Susan Helene Gottfried

I hadn't realized a lot of those women are childless -- but then, especially now that I've had kids of my own, I have to agree: being a mom does NOT define a woman's worth. Far from it. I have a lot of respect and not a little bit of admiration for women who choose to remain childless.

Julia Smith

'Ginger Rogers did everything Fred Astaire did, backwards and in high heels.' - LOL!!

I'm also childless, and definitely not by choice. Mother's Day can be a strange day for people in this situation. I really love your list and the sentiment behind it. I agree that women have been a long time in establishing their choice to simply be a woman without transforming into a mother. And hopefully there will be more women who feel free to just be.


I love Mae West!
Great list!

Brenda ND

Good post. Thank you for reminding us--we are all important in and for ourselves--not because we have mothers, fathers, brothers, sisters or children. Happy TT!


Wow cool list and thought provoking. I didn't know some of those people weren't mothers - like Betty White. Most of my family aren't mothers by choice I guess. My two sisters and my two sisters-in-law.

Thanks for the interesting post. Happy TT!

Jen @ StuffJenSays

Great list, with lovely sentiments at the end. Thank you!


Excellent list! I knew way back in HS that I never wanted kids. It's a lot easier now, having a few friends who are also childless by choice. It's more fun being an aunt a dozen times over -- spoil them a few hours and send them back home when they start to get on your nerves. ;)


Very good list, I have kids, but am strongly encouraging my oldest to wait a good long time before considering starting a family. I agree with Jenn that knowing you're too busy to take care of kids properly is unselfish, not selfish.


LOVE this post! Absolutely :-)

Library Lady

Here's hoping that you and the others who want to be mothers get your wish this year!!


I loved your list. I too am not a Mom, except to my furbabies.


What incredible blessings you offer. Thank you!


I love your post!! I think it's really great what women like them have achieved and I don't think it's necessary to be a mom to be great. I want kids myself, but I don't think having kids make a woman great! I think being yourself makes a woman great! =)


This is a fantastic post. Could I add one more? Connie Britton, from Friday Night Lights - she plays the kind of Mom that I hope I can be. And she doesn't have kids.


Well said. Nice seniments on a great day. We're not all moms, but we all have had one.


thanks for this post... though I'm quite late catching up with posts.

Bonnie Raitt, man I felt like I was one of the few who loved her music and got her.

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