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October 14, 2009


Ann Bruce

I don't have cable or satellite, but I do get Dexter, The Closer, and 24 DVDs from the library.


I don't have a DVR, but I do watch some of the shows that you listed. SVU is a definite (even though sometimes there are story lines that madden me, for the most part I love it!!)

What is it about Grey's that they have us emotionally involved enough to keep coming back even after it has gone this far downhill!! Crazy.

I ought to get a DVR, because I want to watch that Glee show, but it comes on at the same time as something else that I watch, so I keep missing it.

Happy TT!!


Wow, I don't watch any of those. I used to watch SVU, but that was before they moved it opp Criminal Minds. Stupid Jay Leno... Thanks for visiting my T13!

Alice Audrey

I feel so out of it. At least I did recognize the names of two of them.


I'd love to watch the Dollhouse.


i watch Grey's from time to time...


I don't have DVR but I've been watching A LOT of TV on DVD (and Netflix instant watch) since I left my job. This is what I've made it through so far:

-Grey's Anatomy S5
-The Office S5
-30 Rock S3
-Heroes S3
-The first four eps of Heroes S4
-The first ep of Dexter S4
-The first three eps of Modern Family
-Bones S4
-The first two eps of Dollhouse S2
-The first three eps of Eastwick
-And I'm sure there's more I'm missing.

Up next is How I Met Your Mother S4, Big Bang Theory S2, The L Word S6, Ugly Betty S3, Greek S2, Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles S2, Samantha Who S2, and I need to start Mad Men S1 and Castle S1 (not that I need any more shows - obviously).

I also recently watched (before I left my job): Supernatural S4 and Smallville S8. I think I have a sickness.


I can watch True Blood over and over (too bad we have to wait so long for the new season.)

I was an avid Grey's fan. This season not so much.


I've watched the first two episodes of Flash Forward...interesting and intriguing...I missed it last week tho.

My Thursday 13 is Halloween Themed jokes...come on over for some laughs. [You'll find it below my Thursday Thunks...scroll down a bit.]

Click HERE


That's a lot of watching ahead of you.

Calico Crazy

We've got Grey's and House on because we can't watch them real time as our girl is still up at 7pm central.


Lets see from your list...I've always been a Grey's Anatomy fan. Drop Dead, love this. I hope it comes back again next season. And I use to watch SVU but this year there is something else on I want to watch at the same time so it hasn't been on my radar. Thanks for stopping by my blog, hope you enjoyed the links.


I like glee because its so different and


I watch True Blood, Flash Forward & Law & Order SVU too.
I also watch Fringe, Sons of Anarchy, The Mentalist, Medium & Eastwick (among others) I don't know what I did before I had a DVR though, it allows me to keep up with so much more & I can watch at my convenience, not when the networks say to. (not to mention not having to sit through commercials!)

Susan Helene Gottfried

I don't watch a single one of those! I'm a Criminal Minds and Amazing Race girl, myself. Add in hockey and that's pretty much it for me.


I've got Bones and Doctor Who on my DVR. Mind you, I'm not sure what all else as my hubby is in all sports mode lately. Ah well. It means that I get more stuff done.

Mary Quast

I like Big Bang Theory & True Blood. But lately I've gotten into Hung. Most the time I forget to watch TV. The kids use the DVR more than me so it's full of Goosebumps right now. LOL


Oh, how I miss the convenience of a dvr. It is so nice to be able to still watch your favorite shows when you miss the actual airing.


Besides Grey anatomy which sounds familiar to me I don't know any of the other shows. We have different once in Belgium.


I don't have much time to watch TV anymore since starting my new job, but I use to love Grey's Anatomy, and heard some great stuff about Dollhouse, but I've never watched it though.


I don't have a DVR or TiVo or anything, but I do my best not to miss Dollhouse, The Daily Show, or Drop Dead Diva. :)

Deanna @ Kitsch-Slapped

I started out loving Glee, but now the whole "gonna take another girl's baby to fake my pregnancy" is too stupid for me -- the show was fabulous without that, so why did they do it?

Like you know lol

Anyway, I'm glad you enjoyed my TT full of ephemera :)

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