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October 21, 2009



Sounds like an eye-opening books. We certainly have come a long way. Sometimes, when I watch old movies, I am amazed at the liberties that men were allowed to take.


Sounds like a fascinating read. It's appalling how many people in this country are trying to erase those last 50 years.


What an interesting list. It is amazing some of the things that we take for granted. I think that #7 was especially shows that even in a marriage union a woman retains the right to herself and her body.

Thanks for stopping by. I will concede your Jay Leno point, but retain my bitterness :)
Happy T13!

Ann Bruce

Ditto what Heather said.

Alice Audrey

The last time I was called for jury duty I wore slacks because I bicycled to the courthouse. I was castigated three times by various functionaries because without a skirt I was considered to be less respectful of the system than I should be. I've been skipping out on jury duty ever since.


Those are interesting changes. When I was in college I wanted to take a computer class but was told it was only for men.

Thursday Thirteen - Useless Knowledge


The first one about the pants really gets me. We word skirts in school but the boys had to wear ties.


I'm always looking for a good book to read. Thanks for the tip.

Julia Smith

Great post. I'm always reflecting on the life I enjoy thanks to the women who wrestled it into being for me. It didn't simply evolve. It had to be won.

I'm famous in my office for bringing an end to the term 'girls' being used for the women who work here. I'm 45, thank you - call me woman. I earned it.


Dumb is attractive? Glad I wasn't born yesterday. It took me 4 years to change my maiden name to my (ex)husband's name and it was ok with everyone, thank God for these changes. If we contribute especially financially we might as well call some of the shots or there's trouble :-)

storyteller at Small Reflections

I remember how dress codes changed over time for teachers. I was grateful when women were allowed finally to wear 'pant suits' ... and eventually more 'relaxed' attire in the classroom. So many changes in such a relatively short time. Sounds like an interesting read for sure!

Thanks for helping me celebrate my 2nd Blogoversary at Small Reflections today. Today I'll be working on my 2nd Blogoversary post for Sacred Ruminations to publish on Friday. I can't believe I've been blogging so long already. How time flies!

I'm sharing an award with all visitors in my T-13 at Happily Retired Gal this week. Hope you'll drop by when time permits to snag, enjoy, and pass it along to others.
Hugs and blessings,


That sounds like a great book, I'm 40 & for the most part too young to remember how bad things were. My mother tells me things like your list though.
I work for a satellite tv provider in Technical Support though & I can tell you, sexism is alive & well in America today. I am level 4 tech support & I know my stuff cold however I routinely get comments from customers about "are you sure?" "Is your boss around so I can run it by him" (My boss is a woman too) and even agents transferring to me have been known to ask if they have the correct department- the saddest part is that I'm by no means in the minority at my work, we employ about 50-50 between men & women!


Thank Heaven for the feminist movement. I love my jeans. And really, after all the other things we've won, that's just the cherry on top.


Sounds interesting alright.

Thanks for visiting my blog.

Celtic Angel

I need to see if my library carries this book. Thanks!


Great T13. Some or actually most of these are hard to imagine!


When I started kindergarten in 1970, it was the first year that girls could wear pants to school every day if they chose. Before, they could only wear pants on rainy days.

My mom also told me that a woman alone could not go into a bar without a male escort. (Mom and her college pals would "borrow" the taxi driver so that they could go in and have a drink!) Also that teachers had to leave their jobs as soon as they were visibly pregnant. A tight girdle in 1965 allowed my mom to finish a school year while pregnant with me. Doesn't THAT sound like fun!

We have a lot to be thankful for.

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