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November 04, 2009



Not always a fan but those were good moments


I miss the opening credits that they had when I was a kid....they were so great! (the ones you posted are good too)

C is for Cookie is probably my favorite!

Happy TT!

Alice Audrey

It took me a while to get used to Elmo, and I still prefer Kermit, but I like them both.


The original was much better than today's version. I love "I don't want to live on the moon."


Much as I love "C is For Cookie," my absolute favorite part of Sesame Street has always been Snuffy. Who wouldn't want a Wooly Mammoth for a friend?

Thanks for visiting!


Wow... these bring back memories! Thanks for sharing!

A Desi

I salute you for such a wow post :D

love it!

Human-ness still a mystery


Wow...can see that u are a fan...! My girl is hooked to it nowadays...she loves Elmo & Cookie...


So many memories!

My husband finds out that it's SS's birthday and I get a text asking "guess who is older than a street?" Really?


I only knew rubber ducky

My hands are full with my to do list


My T13 is in my Etcetera blog


I used to know the words to all of these songs. Not by choice either lol Glad I've done my time when it comes to Sesame Street.
Happy T13!


I'm still a big fan of Rubber Ducky. Happy TT!


Lol- I remember a few of those from when my kids were small.

Have a great day!

Calico Crazy

Sesame street and I are the same age. I remember loving it as a kid and as a parent it tops my good programming list.


Awesome 13!!! Great memories... C is for cookie was always my favorite.

Thanks for commenting on my blog--I LOVED Hunger Games!! As soon as I'm in the US again, I'll pick up the sequel. :)

Dane Bramage

Classic SS.
My T13 is up 13 Things I Should Have Said and the 13 Things I Said. Stop by if you get a chance.


Look at Susan in the ABC song!!


I had seen your comment on what you were writing on last night & immediately flashed on the pinball thing as my very favorite part! I wondered if you'd have it & how you'd describe it as that was my first thought - how to describe it- although in general it's probably part of the collective consciousness. At least in the US. (I'm a first generation viewer too)


What a great walk down memory lane! What a fun show. Makes me miss when my kids were small and we'd watch it together Heck makes me miss when I was small and loved Sesame Street :)


Excellent choices. I'd add "Oh I'm Between" and "The Golden An"

I loved the pinball thing and ABC cookiemonster. :D

Susan Helene Gottfried

Oh, I am SO with you. Elmo does NOTHING for me. NOTHING. Give me old school or take it off the air!

I learned so much from Sesame Street, not just the educational stuff. But the mixing of the neighborhood; that had a HUGE impact on me.


My fave? Snuffy revealed. I, too, grew up on Sesame Street pre-Elmo. Thanks for stopping by today.

Miss Sarah

oooohhhh I used to love Sesame Street! Great TT!!

Julia Smith

The pinball countdown - total favorite! I also loved the 1-10 countdown just before that one, with spies and race cars.

My sister and I can be brought to absolute tears of laughter if we start singing Manamana.


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