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December 03, 2009



I'm sorry it's being such a horrid long slog. You didn't withdraw from the China program did you? I mean, you're still in the waiting, right? How long is it taking now?


No, I didn't withdraw--and won't. The people who just got referrals had LIDs in March 2006. We're October.

Robin from Israel

I'm sorry sorry. I wish things were different for you. It isn't fair. Not even a little bit.


I totally get it, really. The wait just fucking sucks.


I can't believe it's been 3 years - so wrong.

Your friend who told you her news on your birthday? W.T.F.F. What was she thinking??

I hope you get good news before the end of the year - gods know you deserve it.


I remember that feeling and I am soo sorry you are still in pain. I wish I could give you more than that but honestly, there is nothing I can say.

I wish you good good luck with domestic, I really think right now it is the best route (oh and apparently guatemala and cambodia will be opening soon).

Mrs H

Don't be sorry for anything.

I feel for you. I really do.

Mrs H

B mama

I can't imagine being in that wait - just horrible. Is the SN program an option for you? Our agency is great with babies galore (in the SN program), but of course it's not an option for many to switch agencies.


your ache comes right through this post. patience is highly overrated. there is no such thing when it comes to The Wait. I just wish this were easier. the waiting SUCKS and you have every right to be frustrated, sad, angry. I know there are no real words to take away that pain.


I can't imagine being told to wait even longer! We had some acquaintances who had an interminable wait during their adoption process with China. It kept shifting and changing and just when they thought they knew where they stood - they didn't. I'm so sorry that you find yourself here now.


Waiting is hell. I am so sorry. I hope it happens for you, soon soon soon.

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