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December 31, 2009



Beautiful. I hope all these dreams come true for you.

Alice Audrey

You've had quite the year.


You've had a wonderful, memorable year!


Lovely list of memories and may 2010 be filled with more joys. I'll remember your uncle's amazing toast ;-)
Hugs and blessings,


What great memories. May the next decade hold many more and may it find all your loved ones still with you.

Shelley Munro

You've had an eventful year. I love your Uncle's toast. It's so very true.

Happy New Year. Have a wonderful 2010


You did some cool things this year, although I konw you are still waiting or the one thing you want the most. I hope 2010 is the year you realize that dream. We so loved meeting you. One day we will make it to your neck of the woods and meet your husband too. It's on my list of goals for 2010. Happy New Year to you both!


Sounds like you had a great year!

Happy New Year to you :)


what a great post! Thanks so much for sharing. The year seems full of so many highs, and clearly ones that touched you and will remain with you. Glad to see a highlight list when all I had in my head about my 09' was the opposite. Perhaps I should rethink.

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