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January 04, 2010



I want you to come to CA for your uncle's 90th birthday too! And not in selfish, it's only because I want to have dinner with you again way :)

And I can not wait to read your book. I know it will be amazing.


I REALLY like this post. Many of us look back each year and blog about what once was. But so few of us take the time to think about things so clearly, our dreams, hopes, plans.

I wish you peace and fulfillment with 2010. May it be a year you look back on and feel overwhelming happy about.

Wishing you everything on your list and more. Lisa


These are all wonderful hopes for 2010! I hope you are able to accomplish all you want and more this year. And from what I've read on your blog (I've only read a few posts so far!--and I'm LOVING it, btw. Especially the Beatles theme! I'm a HUGE fan.), I can already tell that you will do all you can to make them happen. And that takes moxy :)

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