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January 07, 2010



What if I don't wanna delurk?

Robin from Israel

Does it count as delurking if I do comment from time to time ;)?

I've been known to (discretely I hope!) skinny dip - in a city rooftop jacuzzi.


I'm with Robin. I occasionally delurk :)

I've been known to hang on the nude beaches in St. Martin on vacation and in my youth, I would skinny dip.


Quasi delurking - SOMETIMES I post a comment or two. :-)

Nude beach in Florida, but I kept the bikini bottoms on.

Julia Smith

I'm a leave-comments blogger. Can never get too many comments! I didn't know it was delurk week.

I'll chime in along with you: 'Come out, come out, wherever you are!'


Delurking under pressure! I cannot remember ever being naked in public.


Yup, but it was in the ocean


Delurking... but you know when that was. You were there.


Delurking... I've been without pants or undies with a long t-shirt, but that was in my own very private backyard trying to catch my runaway dog :)


Skinny dipping in the Rio Grande River and various hot springs in New Mexico. Each time, not a lot of folks around!


Well, I have been following you for years, but I have commented every once in a while. My memories of this incident are fuzzy since it was a long time ago and I was fairly intoxicated. In college, I was home for the holidays and hooked up with an old boyfriend on New Year's Eve. The naked in public part is that although we were in a downtown hotel room, we were sharing it with a huge group of fellow revelers, who all returned to post-party crash in the middle of our hook-up (mostly naked kissing at that stage). And no one would leave so I/we could get to our clothes that were not within reach. It was, um, interesting. Not my proudest moment...


I am very modest. One piece bathing suit. But I have peed in the woods. ;-)


I've never been naked in public, unless by "public" you mean hospital rooms filled with doctors and nurses.


I'm here!

Library Lady

In a bikini. But that was long ago, in my earliest youth...


De-lurking here from my Reader...topless on a beach in Nice.


You know I read, so I guess I'm not a lurker, but to answer the question... public is sex behind the bleachers of a high school football field in the middle of the night? I had a shirt on. ;-)

I've also been skinny dipping with...two or three people at most, but it was in my friend's aboveground pool in her fenced in backyard.


I've skinny dipped a few times, mainly in hotel pools I was staying at, but after hours :) Once with a boyfriend, another time with, believe it or not, colleagues. lol. There are other times I'm sure.

I read, comment occasionally, but I"m not much of a commenter anywhere.


Always happy to delurk! I have been skinny dipping a couple of times.


I'm not much of a naked person. When other people skinny-dip, I tend to find an urgent need to do the dishes or something.


Once I streaked across a street only to realise that I was streaking towards a very crowded supermarket window... I was wearing shoes.

Dawn from the frozen North

De-lurking to say hi.

Does this count? I was a member of a ladies health club. One morning, after working the night shift, I went to the club to work out and have a nice steam bath. The only thing you take in an all women's steam bath is a tiny towel to sit on. So, off to the steam room I went. At the best of times, I can last only 10 minutes. Nine minutes in, I hear men's voices. The attendant thought that the club was empty and had let a plumber in to repair a sink. As I was rather shy, I decided to wait until he was done..... I managed another 5 minutes in the steam before I decided that if he hadn't seen a naked woman before, it was his problem. Needless to say, the attendant apologized profusely when she realized her error.


De-lurking from northern NJ (hi!). Last time I was naked in the great outdoors was skinny-dipping with fellow counselors at a long-ago summer camp.



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Totally not de-lurking but I felt left out so I needed to leave a comment too. :)

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