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January 06, 2010


stephanie (bad mom)

These are fabulously intriguing - especially your grandmother & Margaret Sanger; right on!


Great questions...I especially agree with 4, 6,& 7! Happy TT!


I especially liked #6 and 7. Great T13!


I think I like all!

I just am so bad with pick and choose!

10 years ago


:) forgot to link


I always enjoyed asking my granny questions:) I also wish Rowling would write another book. I like her imagination.


this is such a special post most provocative thanks sandy

Adelle Laudan

Some great food for thought here. Happy T13!


Lots of great questions. Now you have me thinking. If you get the answers to any of these, please post them. Happy TT!

Hootin' Anni

Number THREE!!!!! Yes, yes...I feel the same way, as you can tell by my quote under my profile on my blog.

My Thursday list of 13 is "If you are from Colorado you know....." HERE but, you'll need to scroll down below my pencil sketch to read it if you decide to pay me a visit today....

Have a glorious Thursday!


I asked 13 questions today too--although no where near as deep as yours! I'm definitely the Evangelical to ask! But at another venue.

I just love John and Abigail Adams!

Julie From Momspective

Great list!
Here's my 13 favorite comedies!


Nice questions. I love your #6.

Here's mine:
Mariposa's T13!


Fabulous T13! Now you have me thinking.

My T13


I love your questions!

Have a great day!

Julia Smith

What a superb list of questions. I will no doubt copy this format in a future Thursday 13.

I've often wondered about several of the same things. The evangelical question is mine also. However, asking an actual evangelical won't get you the answer you desire - they will just explain why their way is really the only viable option.


What a great list of questions! I wonder if JK misses writing...


I love these questions!

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