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February 03, 2010



One of my favorites was the Chant of the Caffeine Mentats. (It is by caffeine alone I set my mind in motion...)


I think of oedipus complex. No. 9 - I say amen! and republicans for Voldemort? I'm glad my sympathies have always been for Gryffindor. I hope the weekend gets better for you.

Alice Audrey

I like #11 a lot.


i particularly like #7.


Number two has long been a favorite, but you have some other good ones on here, too. Hope the weekend makes up for all the days before!

My Thursday Thirteen


I love lists that make me laugh. Thanks so much.

My TT: Translatable

Adelle Laudan

I love them all,and want #9. Happy T13!


I love your number 9 because as a book reader, i'm always curious why they banned a certain book. :)


I like #13.


I see the Republicans for Voldemort one a lot when I go to Cambridge :-)


Great list. My favorite has always been:

Jesus is coming.
Look busy.

Susan Helene Gottfried

Those ARE good and yeah, Oedipus!

Heh. I get it.

Hope your week improves. Must be something in the stars 'cause it's been a rough one here, too. Again.


Silence is Golden, but Duct Tape is Silver. Saw that one the other day.


I...don't get it. Oedipus, I mean. Does that make me dumb? Or out of touch with pop culture in some horrible way? Am I the only one who doesn't get it? I mean, OK, I understand the basic Oedipus reference - killed father, married mother, Oedipus complex and all that. There's a Regina Spektor song about him that's very catchy, but that's not helping me much. And now I've even gone to the Wikipedia entry and read the whole story, and it was interesting - I never knew about the whole infertility side of things, nor the eye gouging, so that was edifying.

But I still don't get the joke! Why is it a witty thing to have on a bumper sticker?


I have to admit, I don't get the Oedipus one either. Gah. Sleep deprived.

Anyhow, I loved some of the others though, and I needed a laugh today. So thanks! ;)

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