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March 29, 2010



No advice, but I hope things get straigtened out soon!


That sounds incredibly scary. I'm sorry you both have to deal with that. My Mom was a diabetic as well. I hope they get a new one out to you ASAP.


I'm a little late, but here's some thoughts. Be sure to keep a couple cans of regular cola on stock. It will bring blood sugar up very quickly. A small tube of cake decorating gel is useful if someone has lost conciousness due to low blood sugar. Just rub on gums. His doctor could prescribe a glucagon emergency kit that you could use for a very low blood sugar. Ambulances usually carry these, so calling one could be another option.

Does his doctor check his glucometer on a regular basis. My endocrinologist would test my blood with an office meter and then immediately with my own glucometer. This is a great way to catch any problems with a meter. Also a good idea to check the accuracy of the meter against glucose solutions. Particularly if the meter has been dropped or hit.

Hope you got everything straightened out.


How scary. We always need to start the seder on time and with alternatives for the many diabetics at the table. Wish I could help you out. I hope your dr or nurse has ideas or maybe a Medical Supply Place that is well respected by your local hospital? Happy Pesach, BTW!


HI there! So sorry I'm late on this one. Not sure if she'll be a help or not. A friend from high school has a child with type one diabetes. her blog is a good read and she seems to be linked fairly well with others who share their life with someone insulin dependant. I know she's on the opposite end of the spectrum (child vs adult) but I bet she'd have advice or great contacts for anything in the future. Her blog is:

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