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March 07, 2010



Just reading your 'pinhole' points, we are SO much alike.

I was talking to a (distant) relative, and the topic of the neverending adoption came up. She felt that it was ok to ask me some very personal questions. I hate how this process makes people feel that it's ok to overstep (what I would consider) normal bounds.

One more thing, I would define you as a great writer who touches on things that others don't often discuss.


this is such an excellent post. what we can see is not always the full picture. great reminder too not to define ourselves (or let others define us) so narrowly.


I totally get the pinhole image, sometimes it's hard to realize that we define ourselves by what's missing instead of what is there. Nicely done.


I like this post, a lot strength speaks from it.
I have always found it very, very hard not to let the family-building struggle define me. Even now.

(Arrived here from the Crème de la Crème list)


This is an awesome post! Good for you for taking charge of your own identity.

(here from creme)

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